These photos were provided by Eric du Trieu de Terdonck, taken from his collection of the French aviation
periodical "Aviation-Magazine" in which he saw that some Polish flying wing or tailless gliders were built in the past.  He is looking for more information on all of these gliders to add to his archives.  If you can add anything to his collection, please contact him at: Eric_du_Trieu_de_Terdonck@vesuvius.com.  Please copy TWITT so we can add it to these pictures so others may benefit.

"Chauve-souris" ("Bat" in English)
SZD-6 "Nietoperz"
Buliders:Wladyslaw Nowakowski i Justyn Sandauer
Serial Number:  069
First flight: 02.02.1951 by Adam Zietek
Used for test flights 1952-1964
Last flight:  26.02.1964
Dimensions:  12/4/1.3 m
Mass            150/325 kg
Still exists in Polish Aviation Museum - Krakow


Thanks to Wojciech Smagowicz for this info
and the web links shown in the other boxes.

IS-5 "Kaczka" (Pilots or builders : Kostia, Kaniewska)

Built:  1949
Span:  11.56m
Length:  4.00m
Area:  10.0 sq.m.
Minimum Sink Rate/Speed: 
Minimum Speed
Maximum Speed

"Dziaba" (in 1923) and between 1946
and 1956


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